Red Bit Escape 1.1 APK

Red Bit Escape

Red Bit Escape is one of the most addictive and entertaining  Tron style games for Android. Very hard and challenging not for people with anger problems. This is just like Flappy bird so annoying so hard, be careful with your phones because play Red Bit Escape will make you want to throw your phone against the wall.  It is the difficulty that makes you love it. The newest mobile game is addictive and there is a pattern if you find out what it is the game becomes easier this is the best game ever.

How to play this game? Just drag the RED square with your finger. It is not as easy as it looks, you actually try to survive and don't touch blue stuff the blue squares move so look out! Avoid the BLUE enemies, they kill you! Don't touch the BLUE laser force field. Survive as long as possible and compare and share your time score with other players or your friends with Google Play Games Leaderboard. Enjoy the new impossible Tron style game and become the Red Bit Escape master!

Requires Android: 2.2+

Download File: 20MB (Red Bit Escape 1.1 APK)

Red Bit Escape apk

Respawnables 2.1.2 APK


Respawnables android game updated to v2.1.2 with bug fixes loading error. This is a great shooting game for all types of tablets and great multiplayer action. Run, shoot, laugh and respawn! Join the fun with this trigger-happy, action packed, third person shooter. 

Respawnables is a really fun game and its fun to run around as these characters and shoot people. Everything about this game is great; the characters the playability the design, also a nice variety of weapons. There is no game quite as fun and addicting great for passing time or full on gaming sessions.

If action games is your favorite genre and you're looking for some of the best action games for Android mobile, then Respawnables is must have. Respawnables for android has two mode gameplay; online and offline. In offline mode the game features with more than 185 single missions to complete. You have to short battles for entertainment on the go and fast paced gameplay for brisk fun. In online mode, you need WiFi and 3G/4G connections enabled. You have to play with your Facebook friends on team battles. Two modes: Free For All and Team VS.

Respawnables Game Features:

- Ultra smooth controls

- Lots of mix-&-match content to unlock 

- Superb quality 3D cartoon style

- Colorful high-def display graphics

- Fast paced with an amazingly funny vibe

- Sharing via Twitter or Facebook available.

- In-Game Achievements and more.

Requires Android: 2.3+

Downoad File: 48.5MB (Respawnables APK)

Download Respawnables APK

QuizUp 1.0.3 APK


QuizUp game helps you learn things you haven't learn before. This is one of the best quiz app having a great variety in all fields. The interface is very nice plus one can chat with other players. Really fun playing against people from all over. Nice to be able to just play a quick game and get out. You will not find features this is missing and has all the categories you would want. Great game that checks your knowledge!

With the new addition of the anime and avatar topics you will love this app and it just got so much better.QuizUp a really fun game and is a really good brain worker, it helps you refresh your memory and challenges you knowledge. Join over 10 million people who play and love QuizUp! Challenge your friends and connect with other players around the world inthe largest real-time trivia game ever.

What's new in version 1.0.3:

- Facebook friends immediately shown when linking with an email account

- Automatic surrender when opening notification bar during match (to prevent cheating)

- Playing on a WiFi through proxy working

- Level circle and questions now visible after async challenge game- Fixed a bug in level indicator value when accepting a challenge

- Names in friend feed now clickable

- Removing cached question images on start

- Small bug fixes and ui improvements

Requires Android: 4.0.3+

Download File: 29MB(QuizUp 1.0.3 APK)QuizUp apk

Real Table Tennis 1.4 APK

Real Table Tennis

Real Table Tennis is the best Ping Pong game you must play on your Android phone. The gameplay has simple controls and it is challenging a little on more difficult opponents. The graphics are immerse, it is stunning and also the radar which is for how much power your shots have and timing really helps. Feels like playing Real Table Tennis!

How to play? It is easy, just swipe your finger in a direction you want the Table Tennis Ball to go. Timing your swipe is critical for a fast shot that is hard to return. Starting your swipe too early or late will send a slow shot to your opponent which is easy to return. So start your swipe when the ball is in a perfect position for a fast and precise shot.

Real Table Tennis game features:

- Multiplayer

- Table Tennis Career

- International Table Tennis League

- 20 Unique Table Tennis Players to Challenge

- Realistic Physics

- Beautiful 3D Graphics- Leaderboards

Requires Android: 2.3+

Download File: 17MB (Real Table Tennis 1.4 APK)

Real Table Tennis apk

Resident Zombies 1.1.6 APK

Resident Zombies

The great game if you want a challenge. This game is interesting fun and very addicting. Best game with awasome zombie and creature shooting game. Boasting fast-paced bloody action, silky smooth controls and a signature pulpy grindhouse art style, Resident Zombies is a must-play for action fans. Zombies have invaded your homeland! Pick up your weapons, unleash your fury and shoot them to the ground!

Resident Zombies is a horizontal version bloody parkour/shooting game. Hordes of zombies walking around, destroy every living creature. The way you get passed is not only shooting and slashing your way through the zombies, but also watching the steps carefully, as well as choosing the most efficient upgrade route from massive skills.

Resident Zombies Features:
- Brutal Boss Battles
- Violent Graphic Novel Art Style
- Extraordinary Control Feedback
- Various Weapon and Skill System
- Story Mode and Endless Mode

Requires Android: 2.3.3+
Download file: 16MB (Resident Zombies 1.1.6 APK)

Resident Zombies Game